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Welcome to Organi … A leading European Formulation House for Natural, Organic and Botanical cosmetics and external body care products. Wether you work with dermatologists providing them with constant flow of the best skin treatment solutions for their clients, or Hair repair and scalp regeneration professionals, We are here for you to secure the best possible options for your reputation and business growth.
Our Clients know very well, that they are always safe when choosing out any of our more than 50 unique formulations, which are completely naturally based, organically re-engineered and with 100% absence of any harmful substances or allergy causing trace elements.

Organi is Natural Healthcare Research & Development Organization, with its heritage of research into ancient natural healthcare systems, and their re-engineering for commercial natural products manufacturing. Organi is based in Slovenia- Europe, with its manufacturing plants in Slovenia & distribution to major Asian Countries.

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Lopata 55, Celje, 3000

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Phone: +386(0)41305916

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